Corporate Responsibility

Direct Path Strategies, Inc. was founded by Mr. William Master who has, for over 30 years, demonstrated that sustainable environmental practices are an essential element for business and government agency success. Mr. Master brings that same philosophy to Direct Path Strategies in guiding the daily operations of the company and assisting companies and agencies implement cost-effective strategies to improve energy efficiency, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve their bottom line.

While providing the highest quality service to our clients, Direct Path Strategies ensures its staff takes all available steps to protect the environment in our daily operations and to reduce our environmental impact. Each of our team members has been instructed on cost-effective ways to reduce office energy consumption, minimize paper use, and reduce the consumption of transportation fuels. We actively support the recycling of materials we use, and we strive to maximize the recycled content of the materials we purchase.

At Direct Path Strategies, Inc. we invest in the development of our employees, and encourage our team members to strive for an appropriate balance between their work and their off-work activities. We also encourage our team members to be actively engaged in community service and volunteer activities, to enhance the communities in which we work and live.

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