Overview of Direct Path Strategies

Strategic Solutions - Direct Path Strategies provides our clients with strategic solutions to their energy and environmental challenges. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the evaluation, risk assessment, monitoring and development of cost-effective energy and environmental solutions.

A Rigorous Approach - We bring a unique perspective and rigorous approach to solving the serious energy and environmental issues facing businesses and government organizations. With Direct Path Strategies as part of your team, we will help you identify cost-effective technology and operational procedures that meet your organization’s goals. We will help you achieve organizational efficiency in your use of energy, water, and material resources, while substantially reducing waste generation and pollution.

Cost-Effective Sustainable Practices - Through the application of sustainable strategies, the long term economic health of your organization will be enhanced. The experience of the Direct Path Strategies team has shown that cost-effective practices significantly reduce energy and raw materials costs, reduce the economic risks from fluctuating energy prices, prevent non-compliance penalties, and convert waste disposal costs into a profitable revenue source.

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