Working for Direct Path Strategies

If you are an engineer, scientist, or program manager in the energy and environmental field, Direct Path Strategies, Inc. will likely be your employer of choice. If you like challenging and enjoyable work, where you get a feeling of accomplishment, Direct Path Strategies may be the place for you.

Direct Path Strategies, Inc. provides energy and environmental consulting services throughout the United States and Canada. By consistently providing high quality service, on schedule and within budget, we have earned an excellent reputation from our clients. We have a team you can be proud to join.

Our company provides a challenging work environment with substantial opportunities for personal growth. We have a relaxed work environment, where each employee has the flexibility to maximize their contribution to the company while actively pursuing off-work activities.

Each team member at Direct Path Strategies is encouraged to bring their best ideas and intellectual energy to the group.  In our mentor program, new staff are assigned a senior mentor from the team who will help them sharpen their skills and maximize their job satisfaction.

We know that employee satisfaction is one of the keys to our success as a company, and we ensure that each employee’s workload is challenging, balanced, and provides the opportunity for personal growth.

Direct Path Strategies is an Equal Opportunity Employer and we encourage diversity in our company. Qualified applicants for employment will receive consideration without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age, or religion.

If you are interested in full-time or part-time employment, or if you are an independent contractor interested in a subcontracting relationship, please send us a letter of introduction and resume.

Thank you for your interest in Direct Path Strategies, Inc.

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