Markets We Serve

Direct Path Strategies serves a broad range of businesses and government agencies. Our team has extensive experience in the markets we serve. You can be confident that we have the knowledge and understanding of the challenges, risks and barriers that face your organization, and that our unique perspective and rigorous approach will help you solve your energy and environmental challenges.

We serve a broad range of business sectors, including:

  • Electric Power Production
  • Electric, Natural Gas and Water Utilities
  • Renewable Energy Production and Use (Wind, Solar, Biomass, and Biofuels)
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technology
  • Diesel Engine Vehicles and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Marine Transport, Cruise Lines, and Shipping Industries
  • Agricultural Production and Processing
  • Waste Treatment, Disposal and Processing
  • Water Supply, Treatment, Storage, and Management
  • Truck and Rail Transportation Systems
  • Mining and Mineral Production and Processing
  • Forestry and Forest Sequestration
  • Timber Harvesting and Processing
  • Chemical Manufacturing and Processing
  • Construction and Material Handling
  • Greenhouse Gas and Methane Reduction Programs (Landfills, Livestock Operations and Coal Mines)

The agency organizations we serve include:

  • City, County, and Regional Agencies and Special Districts
  • State and Federal Agencies
  • Port and Harbor Commissions
  • Military Bases
  • Air Quality Agencies
  • Environmental and Resource Conservation Agencies
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment
  • Sanitation and Public Works Agencies

Contact Direct Path Strategies today to discuss solutions to your energy and environmental challenges. We look forward to helping you maximize your success.

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