Services Provided by Direct Path Strategies

Direct Path Strategies provides a broad range of energy and environmental services to our corporate and government clients. We bring strategic solutions to the serious energy and environmental issues facing businesses and government organizations. Throughout our services, we apply a unique perspective and rigorous approach to identify cost-effective technology and operational procedures that meet your organization’s energy and environmental management goals.

We provide strategic services to our clients in the following key areas:

Renewable Energy Program Assessments and Expediting Services
We provide a comprehensive set of services to assess renewable energy technologies and implement renewable energy projects. We provide services to all sectors of the renewable energy market, including project developers, owner/operators, utilities, investors, and commercial and industrial power consumers.

Alternative Fueled Vehicles
We provide a wide range of services in the alternative fuel vehicle sector, including fleet conversion plans, vehicle technology and alternative fuel assessments, power-train retrofit and repower technology reviews, fuel source reliability assessments, refueling station evaluations, fleet repower and conversions, government grant acquisition and processing, and fleet monitoring services.

Climate Action Plans
We conduct thorough assessments of greenhouse gas emissions, develop cost effective low risk climate action strategies, prepare comprehensive Climate Action Plans, and monitor progress in meeting climate action goals. Our services cover all aspects of climate protection and carbon footprint reduction through energy efficiency, alternative energy use, transportation and land use changes, water resource conservation, and waste reduction programs.

Adaptation to a Changing Climate
Direct Path Strategies can help your organization evaluate your operational and infrastructure risks from climate change, and identify potential opportunities resulting from a changing climate. We conduct a rigorous assessment of anticipated climate change impacts and develop a comprehensive Climate Adaptation Plan that presents cost-effective strategies for successfully addressing climate change.

Carbon Footprints and Greenhouse Gases
Drawing from our team’s extensive experience developing and verifying greenhouse gas inventories, we can help your organization to produce a credible, accurate and verifiable carbon footprint. Our inventory development services cover all major protocols and registries, including The Climate Registry, The Carbon Disclosure Project, Global Reporting Initiative, and local, state and federal reporting programs.

Water Footprints and Conservation
For our corporate and agency clients, we conduct a rigorous review of water use and conservation strategies, documenting their water footprints and associated energy use. Our water use strategic plans provide water use forecasts and cost-effective strategies for water use efficiency and water conservation.

Vehicle, Vessel, and Equipment Repowers
If you own or operate the vehicles, ships or equipment, we can provide you a cost-effective repower strategy for your fleet that will modernizing your engines, and significantly reducing fuel use and associate air emissions. Our services include fleet modernization plans, engine and particulate filter selection, installation protocols and dealer selection, securing government grants, and fleet monitoring services.

We also provide strategic services to our clients in the following key areas:

  • Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Supply Chain Assessments
  • Performance Metrics and Program Tracking

Contact Direct Path Strategies today to discuss solutions to your energy and environmental challenges. We look forward to helping you maximize your success.

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